About Us
Having done both Pow Wows & Buckskinner rendezvous shows for almost 3 decades I have made & sold
everything from my paintings & carvings to the flutes & CDs which I mostly deal in now. The Native
American flute I guess has been my love for many years. My main interest now is in teaching and sharing
this love with school children who I have given demonstrations to for many years. What I make and sell
really just goes into helping defray the cost of this endeavor.
I do have full time employment so special order items may take a while to complete. Please understand I
will try and do my best to complete such special items.

See my photo section for pictures from shows and school classes.
It should be noted that by Federal Law, to call an item or craft Native American, that maker must be a
registered tribal member. Even though I am
part Native American I am not a registered tribal member.
For this reason all items displayed and sold by us are listed as in the "Native American Style".
Please report anyone abusing this.
Native American vs Native American style
Am available for both class room presentation & Rendezvous
demonstrations. Availability limited. Please contact me for
inquiries on scheduling.
About Ten Horse

I will often get asked who is the Ten Horses on my CDs & flutes. It was a nick name accidentally given me
by a quiller from the Pine Ridge area years ago. At a show in Prarie Du Chien many years back I jokingly
complimented her quill work by saying that her quill work was so good I would have to bring her father
10 horses to just be able to play for her in front of her lodge. She got such a kick out of this that she
began calling me that the next day at the same time a newspaper man came by & snapped a picture of
me. Hearing her call me Ten Horses he just labeled the picture that with out asking and on the following
day there I was on the front page with a new name! The teasing among friends was great.... I was even
given a sign that says Flutes by Ten Horses. Since it was in the newspaper people came asking to find
Ten Horses so I gave up trying to explain it wasn't really my name. I just added it.... LOL