George Leduc
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CDs BOOKS & Jewelery
These 3 CDs are flute only. I originally recorded "WOLF TRACKS" as an aid to
help others in learning to play the Native American Flute and not as a music
CD.  Music in the Wind includes a number of old traditional songs that were
transcribed by German priests in early 1800's. Changes has music written by
myself & Richard (Black Hawk) Kapusta.
CDs --- $10ea  (Plus shipping & handling of $5 for 1 to 3 CDs)

MP3s are available, click here for download at:
My friend George Leduc is a wonderful artist & flute player who
has been nominated for a number of awards these last couple
years. Follow the link below to his web site for his CDs
I wrote this small book
to help beginners learn
to play the Native flute.
$5 incl ship/Hand
hard copy

or  available free in the
help section
to print out
Jewelery & other Misc items
Many styles of bone or horn chokers. With Silver Beads and semi precious stones  $15
Note: All chokers are custom made to order.
Kerry Spencer of West Wind Studios was instrumental in
helping me produce these albums. Follow this link below to
his website.
To hear a sampling of the  "Music in the Wind" CD, open
this link for Canoe video.
Richard (BlackHawk) Kapusta is a very good musician and singer who has been a friend for
more then 2 decades. It has been my pleasure to know & at times play with him at shows. He
has made more then 20 albums over the years. My last album "Changes" was dedicated to
has 4 instrumental/flute albums, most of his albums are with his band.
Click here to visit his website and sample his music
Newest is the Rendezvous with Ten
Horses DVD. All the music from 3 CDs
playing to 850 pictures from more
then 25 years of shows.  $2
0 plus
Beginner activity book
for learning Lahkota
Book 1 of 3 written by
my late wife Astrid
$3 incl shipping
Latest video featuring  from Music in the Wind CD
Canyon Echoes
Video of Colors of the Wind  from Music in the Wind CD
Colors of the Wind
New CD in works, Hear a pre-recording sample song here
Knights in White Satin