These flutes are a 2 piece construction with
the flue recessed into a hard wood fetish
which eliminates the need for a spacer and is
more moisture resistant.
Standard Fetish
Finished Flute Examples
                            Flute Blank Kits
Also available is my basic kit which includes (2) 1" ID routed
flute blank halves with 3/16" wall, flat hard wood fetish & tie,
plus instruction sheets with "How to Play" book.  $10 + S&H
Each finished flute also includes a 6 song sampler CD of my music.
Also any of my CDs may be had for $5 a piece extra w/flute purchase
  Shipping Charges
Flutes - $10.00/1, +$5 ea for 2 or more
Also I am an authorized dealer for High Spirit flutes.
Click below to visit their web site.
The Native American style flute popular today is actually a meld of the Native flute used for
thousands of years with the Pentatonic scale used in Europe & elsewhere in the world. These flutes
here, as in most all 5 hole & 6 hole flutes  you will see elsewhere, are either a mode (1) 5 hole or
mode (1 & 4) 6 hole combination scale. In the past there were numerous scales depending on the
makers. Most could be described as a whole note scale, or close to a Diatonic scale.
For those that would prefer a 1 piece body bored construction the
flue is in the flute body. Just shape mouth piece, light sand body &
add your preferred finish inside & out.
Cocobolo custom flute
Cedar custom flute
Semi-finished flutes (Tuned)