The Native American Flute to me is the most beautiful sounding instrument in the world. I
never intended to become a flute maker. When I started making flutes decades back, there
were few flute makers. Today the popularity of the flute has risen immensely and there are
many great flute makers to choose from. I still felt though that a simple & cheap beginner's
flute that was still made out of wood was needed. I believe that my style of flute here that I
use for my school classes & demonstrations fits this niche. By putting the time only in
making & tuning but not finishing the flute I can charge only a third what others may
charge.  My main interest for years now has not been in selling flutes but in teaching
children the love of the flute & music in my demonstrations & school classes. Any sales I
make these days is simply to help defray the costs of this endeavor, since every class I
teach receives a flute, my book & CDs.
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